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Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

Hey you, take a good look at this mature face. Working as a top commercial insurance broker for 30 years has added this much grey. Would you rather have a good looking spring chicken? Or someone with seasoning?

From startup to board level, at various organizations, my understanding about how a business operates allows me to best customize insurance coverage for you. No under-coverage. No over-pricing.

More than an insurance policy, you get decades of business experience and wisdom. I am Rick Callaway. Our Team is headquartered in California. We insure commercial real estate such as office buildings, apartments, multi family dwellings, senior living facilities, homeowner associations, warehouses, and restaurants.

“Rick’s Team saves my HOA over 30% of insurance cost for the whole year.” “Rick is more of a business advisor than a vendor. I know we won’t be oversold, or over-priced.”

We offer these types of insurance: cyber liability, general liability, property, workers compensation, equipment breakdown, income protection, professional E&O, D&O, etc.

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Do you know the difference between a broker and an agent? An agent represents only one insurance company. That’s why they are called “captive agents”. We are brokers. We access many insurance companies to get you the best value. We serve YOU.

We are the Extra Milers. Many brokers just look at existing policies and quote, without investigating the potential risks. I look at the balance sheets in a hands-on fashion with the owner, and physically check the properties myself, while keeping your information confidential. Next, I strategize with the owner, protect assets such as buildings, income, and equipment, always at the best possible premium without under-insuring.

We go the extra mile to resolve your claims quickly, to minimize downtime, and avoid lost revenue. We work with the claim adjusters and the insurance companies as your advocate, to get your business back in operation. We help injured workers step by step, from hospital visits to paperwork, so they can get back to work ASAP.

We are different: we do not quote unless we first have a complete understanding of your business. Quoting a policy is one thing. Understanding your business is another. Decades of business experience qualifies us to be your true Extra Milers. More than just insurance experts, we are your long term business partners, trusted advisors, and friends, protecting employers, employees, and business assets.

We bridge communication to insurance underwriters for them to understand your circumstances. We present your business in the best possible light. For example, a building owner was refinancing a $20 million property. The bank was asking for much higher coverage than currently in place. I stepped in and persuaded the bank with my own financial analysis showing that their existing coverage was adequate. The bank dropped their requirement. I saved the client $16,000.

Cyber liability insurance: A business was selling products over the internet, some purchases were not authorized by the card holders, although approved by a 3rd party processing company. Fortunately, because we protected the business with cyber liability insurance, their losses were covered.

A senior living facility had seven locations, insured by seven brokers, with seven policies. By analyzing the business and the policies, we combined all into one policy, saving $15,000 a year.

The amount of premium you pay for a tailor-made policy reflects many factors, such as the market conditions, locations, age of your properties, business specialties, history of accidents, etc.

This is my Mom and Dad back in the 80’s. My Dad was a commercial insurance broker all of his life. He taught my brother and I the importance of taking great care of our clients.

If you are looking for a true expert who cares about your success in the long term, let’s talk. Call us at: (925) 788-5558, or email at: Or visit our website

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