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Episode 6: Why Premium for Insurance is Rising

Episode 6: Why Premium for Insurance is Rising

Insurance premiums increase for businesses and commercial properties can be skillfully mitigated by experienced broker such as Rick Callaway to save money.

Why is premium for insurance rising?

In this episode Richard Callaway, Maurice Washington discuss: 

  •  25%, 30%, 40% Premium Increases in Commercial Insurance
  • The insurance marketplace is shrinking, carriers are moving away from particular areas of the country & particular types of business.
  • Climate change is creating lots of risks
  • We’re seeing construction costs increasing in building material prices
  • Construction cost is forecasted to be increasing due to labor costs and supply chains
  • AI can be a bane to insurance industry and the insured
  • Inflation and a bear stock market increase costs of insurance
  • Ransomware, cyber attacks create stacking effects that drive up the cost of doing business, especially for small businesses

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