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Episode 4: Why Commercial Insurance Premiums are Going Up?

Episode 4: Why Commercial Insurance Premiums are Going Up?

Insurance premiums for businesses & commercial properties keep rising, Rick Callaway’s insights on why & how to be insured without over paying

In this episode Richard Callaway, Maurice Washington discuss: 

  •  25%, 30%, 40% Premium Increases in Commercial Insurance
  • The insurance marketplace is shrinking, carriers are moving away from particular areas of the country & particular types of business.
  • Climate change is creating lots of risks
  • We’re seeing construction costs increasing in building material prices
  • Construction cost is forecasted to be increasing due to labor costs and supply chains
  • AI can be a bane to insurance industry and the insured
  • Inflation and a bear stock market increase costs of insurance
  • Ransomware, cyber attacks create stacking effects that drive up the cost of doing business, especially for small businesses

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