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Episode 5: Business Executives: Please be Serious about Cyber Crimes!

Episode 5: Business Executives: Please be Serious about Cyber Crimes!

Cybercrime, e.g. phishing, ransomware, hacked password, network breach, cyber attacks, needs cyber liability insurance, said Rick Callaway commercial insurance.

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Cyber liability insurance is a necessity, since cyber crime can cost a lot more than the premiums paid by businesses for cyber liability insurance,  says Rick Callaway. 

Cybercrime is predicted to inflict $10.5 trillion damages annually by 2025, mostly to small businesses, – an exponentially larger amount than damage inflicted by natural disasters in a year. Cyber crime damages can be mitigated, prevented; businesses need cyber liability insurance, says commercial insurance expert Rick Callaway.

Listen to this interview of Rick Callaway about top five cyber crimes, and what to do to prevent, mitigate, and protect yourself and your business.

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