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Tech Companies’ Insurance, Manufacture & Distributor

Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

We provide insurance solutions for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies, by drawing on our more than 40 years of experience and our deep knowledge of the industry’s complex risks. The types of manufacturers and distributors include but are not limited to:

– Electronic component, robotics

– Environmental risks and liabilities

– IoT (attachable devices, wearable and connected devices)

– Hardware, firmware, software (SaaS)

– Healthcare equipment, medical devices

We protect against unique risks exposed by advanced technologies faced by all manufacturers and distributors.  We also insure against financial injuries caused by product defects or failures to perform services.

Examples of some of the specific areas:

Medical Devices


We customized insurance for medical devices manufacturers using software.

Clean Tech


We offer Insurance solutions specifically related to lost milestone payments and costs of replacing prototypes. These customized policies are for R&D and commercialized component part manufacturers in clean technology. 

Other Types of Insurance for Manufacturers and Distributors


Commercial package

Environmental hazardous waste and pollution 

Equipment breakdown 


Property excess casualty

Worker’s compensation 

Directors & Officers, 

Employment Practices Liability  (EPLI)


E&O (professional Liability)


Supply Chain Insurance or Contingent Liability


Supply chain disruptions can be caused by severe weather conditions, product shortages, pandemics, natural disasters such as earthquake, wildfire, floods, etc.


Product recall and replacement coverage 


Food and beverages can be susceptible to recall risk, which can be large scale and extremely expensive. Insurance can help mitigate the threat to a company’s bottomline due to recall or replacement.  

See details about both Supply Chain and Recall Insurance.

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