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Spacecraft Insurance

Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

We are one of the first insurance agencies on the cutting edge of spacecraft insurance. We provide ‘A+’ rated protection worldwide for launch, in-orbit and associated space risks, with a comprehensive set of risk transfer solutions for the space industry. We offer both risk-specific policies and fully integrated umbrella coverages, with solutions for every phase in the application lifecycle, such as AIT (“assembly, integration and testing”), manufacture, transit, launch, in-orbit and de-orbit, as well as third party liabilities. 

With broad risk appetite and quick underwriting and policy turnaround, we offer consistent risk assessment based on technical underwriting insight.

In today’s rapidly expanding space market, we give all players in the space industry insurance protection, covering from standard manufacturing, testing and launch, to more innovative products, to new hardware such as smallsats and compact launchers, including alternative missions and unique payloads.

Additionally, we protect clients’ business plans, to empower them to obtain finance, grow their venture, and protect against failures of deliveries. Our coverages are tailored to each client’s needs and the environment they operate in.

By insuring both business plans and assets, we stand behind the space industry’s various innovations, such as space stations, satellites, rockets,  launch vehicle (carrier rocket), SmallSats, CubeSats, nanosatellites, orbital vehicles for spaceflight, robotic spacecraft, space probe, cargo spacecraft, human spaceflight, space tourism, as well as all types of launches, orbits, debris removal, EOL disposal, de-orbit … anything in outer space and their designs, manufacturing, transits, movements, —  on earth, in space, interstellar.

We represent Aesir Space, a London-based space insurance specialist. 

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