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MSP, SaaS, Information Technology Service Providers Insurance

Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

We understand the risks technology companies are exposed to, and we offer insurance solutions to help manage risks for:

  • MSP (Managed Service Providers)

  • IT services providers

  • Technology service providers, SaaS companies

  • Digital services companies (digital marketing agencies, etc.)

With E&O Professional Liability Coverage, we insure SERVICES provided by MSP, IT & others

MSP, IT, SaaS technology service providers and other digital services companies often operate at the cutting edge of the digital frontier. The fast speed of changes in technology potentially exposes these companies to E&O (Errors and Omissions) claims. 

With business policies, we insure the HARDWARE & SOFTWARE used to provide IT services

We offer insurance for technology service providers, SaaS companies to protect their hardware and software they use to serve their customers. 

We also customize policies to protect their facilities, employees, and insure against business disruptions.

Cyber Security Insurance

No one is immune from cyber attacks, ransomware, malware, not even MSP, IT, SasS companies who often offer cyber security to their customers.

As cyber risks elevate, cyber insurance can help protect both their network, as well as the consequential hacks and breaches sustained by their customers’ systems and networks connected and integrated to theirs.

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