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Sustainable, Recycling, AgTech – Manufacture, Distribution, Installation

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While the global economy is experiencing post COVID inflation, companies face increased costs in materials, energy, and labor. Renewable energy, recycling and high tech farming reduce cost and demand of labor, and play an important role in fighting climate change and global warming.

We offer property and casualty insurance,  as well as Excess Liability Coverage, a/k/a Umbrella Policy coverages to clean energy businesses nationwide, including but not limited to:

  • Renewable energy products’ manufacturing, distribution, installation (solar panels, electric car charging stations, battery backup systems, etc.)

  • Recycling industry

  • Ag-tech, (organic) fruits & vegetables, lumber, wood, dairy, cannabis – growth and farming

Sustainable Manufacturing, Renewable Energy 

New technology and innovation bring along new risks. However, insurance policies are often covering only the traditional risks.  It is paramount to review and update your insurance coverages, and “fill the gaps” with customized protection where your general liability does not  insure new manufacturing or farming technologies and techniques.

Additionally, supply chain disruptions can cost your profits. Products can be damaged during transit by distributors or deliverers. 

While ESG (environmental, social and governance) trends are taking companies to new levels of operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, we proactively insure organizations’ bottomline. 


Recycling is a multi-billion dollar, fast growing industry in a wide variety of sectors for reducing and recycling waste. It also creates new jobs in manufacturing.


Indoor farming, AgTech, and sustainable farming not only for environmental and social responsibilities, but reduces costs and increases efficiency in farming. The same technology can also be used in Cannabis’s growth and farming.

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