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Processed Food and Beverage, CBD, Wineries – Manufacturing, Processing & Distribution

Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

We anticipate the risks unique to manufacturers, processors, distillers, breweries, wineries, distributors, and wholesalers. Together with the owners, we help them understand the risk impacts, strategize and implement comprehensive insurance plans to mitigate them.

We particularly focus on these:

  • Processed food manufacturing & distribution

  • Beverages & non-alcoholic drinks

  • Alcohol drinks – wine, beer, liquor

  • Wineries & wines, breweries, distillers

  • Nutritional supplements

  • CBD and cannabis products

Supply Chain Insurance or Contingent Liability

Contingent liability – supply chain insurance

Supply chain disruptions can be caused by severe weather conditions, product shortages, pandemics, natural disasters such as earthquake, wildfire, floods, etc.

Product recall and replacement coverage 

Food and beverages can be susceptible to recall risk, which can be large scale and extremely expensive. Insurance can help mitigate the threat to a company’s bottomline due to recall or replacement. 

Here are the details about Supply Chain Insurance and Product recall and replacement coverage.

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