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Cyber Liability

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Cyber Liability

Employee and internal risks | Malware | Ransomware | Hacking | Phishing | IT breach | Incident management | Data Breach | Network and Technology Security.

All businesses face cyber threats, including but not limited to the following:


Compromised passwords leading to data breach is ⅔ of all cyber liability cases. Malware can capture keystrokes from an infected device even if employees use strong passwords.


What seems to be an legitimate email has a malicious attachment or link that phishes sensitive information.


Bad actors with modified codes implement ransom attacks.

The Disgruntled Employee

Insider threats accounted for 15% of breaches.

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Cyber Insurance Claim Examples

A dental practice found a ransomware demand for thousands of dollars on a computer which contained protected health information (“PHI”) on almost 4,000 patients. In addition to paying the ransom the dental practice incurred these expenses for IT services, legal services, breach notification expenses, identity restoration, credit monitoring and public relations, totaling $50K. All of which were covered by their cyber liability policy.

A professional services firm was hacked and personnel files of employees were breached. In addition to breach notification and credit monitoring services some employees filed suit against their employer. The total cost of the breach was in excess of $100,000.

An employee of a professional services firm had a laptop stolen during a work conference. The laptop contained sensitive client information. The computer was password protected but information was not encrypted. The incident cost the firm more than $20,000 in forensics and notification expenses.

A restaurant was notified of a breach by MasterCard due to a high level of fraud committed on customer credit cards who patronized their business. They were required to immediately undergo a forensic examination, and to pay fines. The restaurant had a total cost of $50,888.90 due to this breach.

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