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Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

Customized, never one-size-fits-all

Your business is unique. We tailor-make insurance coverage to best fit your changing needs. We never use a cookie-cutter, and never automatically renew a policy without first reviewing the changes and growth of your business.

First, we listen to you closely. We ask questions, to identify potential risks and help you focus on the risks of the greatest concern. We go deep into your financial statements, operations, and business goals, as your trusted advisor and an experienced guide. Then we strategize with you to customize insurance solutions optimizing protection.

We Are Different

Our expertise is not measured by a mere price quote, which is only one of many factors constituting the best solution for your specific insurance needs. We do not quote unless we first have a complete understanding of your business and your goals. That’s why we seldom see value in apple-to-orange quote comparison. We stand by our quotes based on our value analyses. We are grateful for business owners who truly understand what they are getting from us, backed by their raving testimonials.

The amount of premium you pay for a particular policy reflects many factors, such as the market conditions, locations, ages of properties, business specialities, history of accidents, etc. We bridge the communication to insurance underwriters for them to understand your needs and circumstances, the risks involved, and how you have dealt with these risks, etc.

We are the Extra Milers.

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No under coverage. No over-pricing.

More than an insurance policy, you get decades of business experience and wisdom. Our team is headquartered in California. We insure commercial real estates, such as office buildings, apartments, multi-family dwellings, senior living facilities, homeowner associations, warehouses, and restaurants. We offer these types of insurance: Cyber Liability, General Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, Equipment breakdown, Income protection, Professional E&O, D&O, etc.

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We are the Extra Milers.

Self insurance and risk transfer

Over-insurance can be a significant waste of premium expense. Under-insurance will increase your risk of loss. Not every insurance agent knows just the right temperature for Goldilocks porridge: not to much, not too little, just enough, and at the best price possible, so you can invest your money elsewhere to grow your business.

Mitigate risks – we go the extra mile:

  • Buildings can burn.
  • OSHA and other compliances.
  • Equipment gets stolen.
  • Regulatory agencies levy penalties.
  • Automobiles are damaged.
  • Employees get injured.
  • Thefts happen.
  • Law suits. Litigations. Arbitrations.
  • etc.

All of these and many more represent a clear opportunity for significant loss. We help you decide on the best method to address each one. We mitigate your exposure to loss by instituting internal procedures and processes, with an overall loss reduction strategy. We help you with safety programs, manuals and training after analyzing your business.

200 years of combined experience

Rick Callaway leads a Team of insurance professionals who “Protect Businesses, Extra Miles.™” Rick has more than 30 years experience as both a business owner and an insurance expert.

Rick has a passion to provide customized protection for companies and professionals, by insuring employers, employees, and business assets. We will help improve your bottom line by controlling your costs. Thanks to our preferred status with many A+ rated carriers, we help protect you, your assets and employees safe.

We are recognized as true insurance experts with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge. More importantly, we are your long term business partners, trusted advisors and friends.

Pacific Diversified has more than 200 years of combined experience in risk management and asset protection. We will provide a comprehensive risk management plan based on your priorities for your best protection.

We are the Extra Milers.

Rick Callaway Insurance Team

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Property Insurance Policy for Your Protection

Business Property

Office buildings | Multi-family dwellings | Apartments | Senior living facilities | Industrial properties | HOA’s (Homeowners Associations) | Property Managers | Retail | Restaurants | Nightclubs, multi-usage buildings | Equipment breakdown | Loss of Income protection | Company vehicles | Fire burglary | Theft | Flood | Earthquake | Sewer Backup | Pipe Bursting | Weather Damages

Contingent Liability, Umbrella,Product Recall

Umbrella policy | Excess liability coverage | Contingent liability – supply chain insurance | Product recall insurance

Management Liability – E&O, D&O, EPLI

EPLI | Workplace harassment | Workplace violence | Retaliation | Umbrella policy | Excess liability coverage | Contingent liability – supply chain insurance | Product recall insurance

General Liability

Bodily injury | Personal injury | Derogatory comments (slander, defamation) | Trips and falls | Negligence | Lawsuits | Property damages incurred by 3 parties | Product liability

Workers Compensation

Claims management | Experience modification (ex-mod) | Loss control | Classification

Cyber Liability

Employee and internal risks | Malware | Ransomware | Hacking | Phishing | IT breach | Incident management | Technology & network security | Data breach

Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states

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How We Protect You:

Do you need insurance?

With/without insurance: How much it will cost you, and how much it will save you?

Get you the best deal:

No undercoverage, no overpricing. We leave no stones unturned, to match the best value from
the most fitting policy, to protect your business.

Claim Processing:

With expertise and efficiency, we minimize your claims’ cost.

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