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Contingency, Umbrella, Recall Insurance

Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

Contingency, Excess liability, Product Recall or Replacement Insurance

Contingent liability - supply chain insurance

If a business relies on vendors and the supply chain to provide parts, materials and services, any disruption can jeopardize the business. We offer protection specifically for insuring against any risk from the supply chain.

Excess Liability Coverage, a/k/a Umbrella Policy

To insure against excess liability over and above insured liabilities, this policy provides limits in excess of an underlying liability policy. An excess liability policy is no broader than the underlying liability policy, its sole purpose is to provide additional limits of insurance.

Product recall and replacement coverage

Product recall insurance covers expenses associated with recalling a product from the market. Product recall insurance is typically purchased by manufacturers such as food, beverage, toy, and electronics companies to cover costs such as customer notification, shipping costs, and disposal costs.

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