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Licensed to do commercial insurance in all 50 states.

Business Acumen:

Quoting a policy is one thing. Understanding a business is another. I have 30 years of business experience, from startup to board level at various organizations. Many brokers just look at existing policies and provide a quote, without investigating the potential risks in a hands-on fashion. I look into balance sheets, and physically check the properties myself, while keeping your information confidential. Next I strategize with the owner to protect assets such as buildings, income and equipment at the best possible premium without under insuring.

For example, a building owner was refinancing a $20 million property. The bank was asking for much higher insurance coverage than currently in place. I stepped in and persuaded the bank with my own financial analysis, showing that their existing coverage was adequate. The bank dropped their requirement. I saved the client $16,000 in additional premium.

Another time, I discovered half a million dollar worth of tools on the balance sheets of a construction company that were not insured! The owner was completely unaware. They were relieved with the added protection, because thefts of tools are common in their industry, costing both money and downtime. The benefit of paying a reasonable insurance premium far outweighs the huge costs associated with the losses.

A senior living facility had 7 locations, insured by 7 brokers with 7 policies. By analyzing the
business and the policies, I combined all into one policy, saving $15,000/year.

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A Brief History of Pacific Diversified

First founded in 1906, Pacific Diversified is one of the oldest independent agencies in the Bay Area. Bill West established this agency in 1906. Bob Callaway joined Bill in 1946 and grew the business into the largest agency in Oakland, CA by the early 1960’s. The agency continued to thrive through 1986 when Steve Callaway joined the firm. In 2013, Pacific Diversified Insurance merged with West Callaway Stotka of Pleasant Hill, CA.

Today, Pacific Diversified Insurance is licensed to transact insurance in 45 states and directly represents more than four dozen of the best and strongest insurance companies available in the current marketplace. We are built on a foundation of integrity and customer service that is second to none. We strive to offer quality insurance products with the highest level of professional service.


Protect Businesses with Customized Coverage

My name is Rick Callaway. For 30 years, with a team of professionals, we have been giving business owners peace of mind by taking care of ALL insurance needs, with appropriate coverage at the proper price. Our passion is to protect businesses, by insuring employers, employees, and business assets.More than insurance experts, we are your long term business partners, trusted advisors and friends, we “Protect Businesses, Extra Miles.™” If you are looking for a true expert who cares about your success in the long term, then let’s talk!

As your broker, we have access to a variety of insurance companies in order to get you the best value. We are not a captive agent serving only one insurance company. We serve YOU. We present your business in the best possible light. We customize your insurance coverage. We don’t just give you a quote, we give you decades of insight, wisdom, and business experience.

As a business owner myself, I know how much time and attention it takes to keep a business going. Insurance is usually the last thing you wish to handle. I don’t blame you.

I love golfing, grand kids, helping homeless organizations, and has been married for more than four decades.

We insure commercial real estate such as office buildings, apartments, multi-family dwellings, senior living facilities, nursing homes, senior day care centers, homeowner associations, warehouse, and restaurants.

Types of Insurance include Cyber liability, General Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, Equipment breakdown, Income protection, Business Insurance Professional E & O (Errors & Omissions,) etc.

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Stories of the Extra milers

We go extra miles to resolve claims quickly to minimize downtime and avoid lost revenue. We work with the claims adjuster and the insurance company as your advocate to get your business back in operation. We help injured workers, step by step, from hospital visits to paperwork, so they can get back to work ASAP.

Once, a business owner called me midnight on Sunday, to get coverage for a new restaurant opening the next day 6pm. We contacted the insurance carrier early Monday, and negotiated coverage and cost, all before 6pm. He was completely protected the moment he opened the door.

A seller was selling products over the internet. Some purchases were not authorized by the cardholders, although approved by a 3rd party processing company which had absolved itself of all liabilities by a prior contract with the selling company. Fortunately, cyber liability insurance the seller had purchased from us covered all the losses. They were grateful for the protection.

We are the Extra Milers.

Rick Callaway Insurance Team

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No under coverage. No over-pricing.

More than an insurance policy, you get decades of business experience and wisdom. Our team is headquartered in California. We insure commercial real estate, such as office buildings, apartments,multi-family dwellings, senior living facilities, homeowner associations, warehouses, and restaurants. We offer these types of insurance: Cyber liability, General Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, Equipment breakdown, Income protection, Professional E&O, D&O, etc.

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We are the Extra Milers.

Community Giving & Helping the Most Vulnerable

For years Rick Callaway and his team are active donors and supporters for the local Rotary Club chapter in Pleasant Hill and The Trinity Center for the Homeless in Walnut Creek. Our service is more than just writing checks but truly going the extra mile by serving on the boards for years on the part of Rick Callaway, and active involvement in various activities and events.

Service is the heart, soul and hallmark of the Extra Milers, in serving businesses with insurance needs as well as in contributing to the health and well being of the most vulnerable in our community.


How We Protect You:

Do you need insurance?

With/without insurance: How much it will cost you, and how much it will save you?

Get you the best deal:

No undercoverage, no overpricing. We leave no stones unturned, to match the best value from
the most fitting policy, to protect your business.

Claim Processing:

With expertise and efficiency, we minimize your claims’ cost.

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